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The Ultimate Guide to Market Research in 2022


         Primary research is a type of research methodology, which is used to collect innovative research data, is collected by the researcher. It can be used for collecting data in a variety of settings such as personal, academic, and business research. There are different types of strategies that can be used to conduct primary research. However, to conduct original research, an essay author can be consulted to help you, if you fail to structure your research properly.

Being a student, you will need to acquire this useful skill, as you will need to conduct primary research to support the main claim in your research paper.

         Primary research refers to a strategy that involves the collection of original data and aims at finding the answer to the questions that haven’t been answered. The researcher gathers first-hand information for a specific research project on a particular topic, instead of relying on available information in publications and databases. The research is thus aimed at producing new knowledge, therefore, it is referred to as original research. Primary research is different from secondary research, based on the degree of originality it contains.


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Steps to conduct primary research

  •         The first step is to choose the types of primary research that you will use to collect the data. Here is also a list of the most commonly used types of primary research.

  1.     Surveys

In this type of research, a set of predetermined questions are asked from the participants to allow them to share their viewpoints regarding the subject the researcher is researching. Surveys are usually conducted when there is a larger number of participants involved in the research process. Therefore, the researcher usually provides a self-administered questionnaire to the participants. However, this type of questioning tends to be less flexible than interviews as the questions are usually closed-ended. Thus, a limited amount of information is collected from a large group of participants.

  1.     Face to face interviews

Face-to-face interviews are conducted, when the researcher needs to know about the beliefs, attitudes, emotions, and behaviors of the respondents. Face-to-face interviews generally involve a smaller group of respondents or experts of the field, who can contribute to adding new knowledge to your research findings.

  1.     Focus group discussions

Focus group discussions are composed of almost 12 participants. It is a guided discussion about the research topic, between the participants and the researcher. The researcher usually asks a question and then records the responses of the participants. Focus group discussions are a feasible option since face-to-face interviews take more time to collect the research data.

Note: The survey research, interviews, and focus group discussions are conducted using a set of predetermined questions to be asked from the participants, Therefore, you might be stressed over the composition of such questions which help you to collect insightful responses from the participants of the research project. You can hire a professional and certified paper writing service to help you in composing the primary research questions.

  1.     Observational research

The researcher can use different types of observational research to gather information about the research participants. The types of observational research are naturalistic observation, participant observation, structured observation, and case studies. In this type of research, the behavior of the writer or a group of participants is systematically observed and recorded by the researcher. The type of research is non-experimental research, as the research setting is not controlled or manipulated so that the research findings are not biased.

  •         The second step is to plan your research methodology according to the requirements of your research type. Survey research is usually conducted in the quantitative type of research. Interviews and focus group discussions are usually conducted in the qualitative type of research. Observations are usually helpful in the qualitative type of research. However, you can use all these research methodologies in your research project as you are aiming to gather information for your research study.

Due to the advancement of technology, you can also conduct online surveys, interviews, and focus group discussions, without physically visiting the research site. Yet, you will have to personally visit the research site, if you are conducting observational research.

  •         The third step is to analyze the collected data using different data analysis models. Depending on the research methodology you have used for data collection, you will have to use a different strategy to analyze the data. Usually, the responses from survey research are recorded in YES/NO answers therefore, you will have to calculate the results in percentage by the number of participants who said YES or NO to a specific question. Data collected from the interviews, focus group discussions, and observational research is usually analyzed thematically and saturation level of responses is observed. You would have to use different analytical formulas and statistical tools to analyze the research. You can also use different online applications to analyze your research data.
  •         The final step is to present the research findings in such a way that the readers can easily understand them. This is the most crucial step of your research process, therefore you can ask professionals to write my paper if you are unable to present the research findings effectively. You will also have to present the data in tables, graphs, and visual chart bars, etc, to make the results more understandable.

Note: Proofread and revise the research methodology and the research findings section several times to avoid any errors.

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