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Infertility is also another common sign even though not all women who have problems with pelvic floor strong reviews fertility suffer from endometriosis. It is however not clear when it comes to establishing the link between infertility and the disorder. It is suggested that the condition is likely to develop in those women who are not successful in conceiving due to other reasons.

Other endometriosis symptoms include fatigue, diarrhea, constipation, nausea and bloating. Some women may also experience headaches, anxiety, low grade fevers, depression and low blood sugar. The later stages of the disorder feature the development of adhesions at the pelvic cavity, making the signs very severe and may bring about mobility problems.

The kegel exercises are performed in different variations. But, what is common in the routines is the squeezing motion that you need to perform towards your pelvic floor muscle or pc muscle. This muscle runs along your pubic bone to your tail bone.

You can perform the exercises while you are urinating. You just need to stop your midstream urine flow for about 20 to 30 seconds and then release, you can continue urinating for three times a day. If you are not urinating, try to concentrate and think like you are just urinating by squeezing your PC muscle. If you are just trying to begin the kegels, you can start by performing 25 quick contractions. You can do the same routine 3 times a day, while sitting, watching TV or just lying in bed.

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