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Professional Accurate Device: Dewalt DW0825LG Laser Level Review

Dewalt is considered one of the most reliable and trusted brands and, even when beginners think to buy a laser level, they first think about the Dewalt laser level. If you are looking for a kind of laser level that can support you as a beginner, but it should be by Dewalt then we are here to guide you. We are talking about the Dewalt DW0825LG cross line laser level and its features.

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✾Weight: 6.5 pounds

✾Batteries: 1 Lithium-ion battery

✾Laser class: II

✾Leveling Type: Automatic

✾Accuracy: 1/8”

✾Working Range: 165ft with the detector

Features of Dewalt DW0825LG Laser Level


If you are working on a professional level, then your main concern must be whether this device can work in tough conditions or not? Dewalt DW0825 laser level is a durable device that is IP65 rated to protect internal parts in rough weather conditions, and you don’t have to stop the work to save a device. The laser level will keep working without affecting performance.

Locking Pendulum:

Dewalt DW0825LG is only not protective in terms of weather, but it can also save your device from accidental damages by using a locking pendulum. If you are transporting the laser level from one place to another, then the device will get locked to protect internal parts in case of any accidental damage. Locking pendulum also intensifies the beam power when you are working in a bright light condition.

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Dewalt is always consistent, no matter if we are talking about accuracy, performance, or power consumption, it can make you satisfied with all the smart work. This device can provide accuracy of about +/-1/8” at the distance of 30ft. It also has over-molded housing to protect and to enhance the lifespan of a device in the best possible way.

Working Range:

The working range is of great importance, especially when you are working on outdoor projects on some medium level tasks. The spot working range is about 150ft, but if you use it with the detector then the device can extend the line range about 165ft. You can also activate pulse time mode by attaching the detector.

Other Features:

This laser level is loaded with all the features you need to work on any kind of task with professionalism. The other features include an integrated bracket for attachment, pivoting thread mount, 2m drop rating, enhancement glasses, target card, ceiling bracket, magnet enhancement plate, and much more for you to explore.

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From the better visibility to an impressive working range, you will get all the functions and features from this device to simplify the job. This device can support complex projects, and you can also use it for indoor tasks as a beginner. Dewalt DW0825LG laser level is affordable for all, and you don’t have to replace the parts after a few weeks as the construction is quite solid.

Source: https://blog.ulifestyle.com.hk/article/laserlevelhub/4090853/dewalt-dw0825lg-laser-level

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