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Green Education Leads to Green Careers

Sustainable, Environmental Colleges & Universities

Educational colleges & universities are stepping forward to prepare career paths and job seekers for the green global economy. Learn about some British Columbia options.

Pursuing a green education can open new doors to a career path that can prove to be worthwhile and meaningful in many ways. Green jobs are often described as working for people and the planet. Green collar workers tend to be a unique brand of employee. They bring their heart to work with their passion to make the planet a better place. For them, these are not just jobs. These are career missions.

More and more companies are increasingly becoming aware of their need to examine their corporate responsibility. Business and government are now evaluating their triple bottom line i.e.: their environmental, economic and social impact on the planet. Business may discover that becoming more energy efficient will also translate into valuable dollar savings too.

This examination, evaluation and implementation of environmental change, retrofitting, upgrades and green improvements require qualified skilled staff in green jobs. Many of these new jobs never existed even 10 years ago, according to Writemypaperbro.com.

On the North American Pacific west coast, these are some of the educational institutions that are helping to train and lead the way toward sustainable green occupations.

University of British Columbia (UBC) – in Vancouver

The Institute for Resources, Environment and Sustainability (IRES) has a mission ” to foster sustainable futures through integrated research and learning about the linkages among human and natural systems, to support decision making for local to global scales.”

This is a unique, issue-driven, interdisciplinary research institute with interest and expertise in a wide range of environmental and sustainability issues. The students come from backgrounds including engineering, geography, natural sciences, marine sciences, business, computer science and many others. There is a great emphasis on interdisciplinary, integrated approaches to research and learning. This department offers a Masters of Art, Masters of Science, Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) degrees and a Watershed Management Certificate.

Simon Fraser University – in Burnaby British Columbia

There are many academic programs at this university that have a focus on sustainability. The Centre for Sustainable Community Development offers an undergraduate certificate and a post baccalaureate diploma in Sustainable Community Development.

Geography – Environmental Specialty offers an undergraduate degree with an Environmental Specialty. The School of Resource and Environmental Management offers a Master’s degree (MRM) in resource management, a Ph.D. in resource and environmental management and a Graduate Diploma in Quantitative Methods in Fisheries Management. The Faculty of Education offers courses such as: Environmental Education, Measurement and Evaluation in Environmental Education, Directed Studies in Environmental Education and Issues and Topics in Environmental Education.

A new environment faculty is set to open at Simon Fraser University April 1, 2020 to bring together the School of Resource and Environmental Management, the department of geography, the Centre for Sustainable Community Development, the Environmental Science Program, and the Graduate Certificate Program in Development Studies. "The new faculty will have important new interdisciplinary programs," says Jonathan Driver, VP-academic, in a public statement on the university website. "It’s a huge opportunity for the university and our students."

Royal Roads University, Victoria BC

This education center offers many courses in environment and sustainability with opportunities for collaboration across disciplines, between governments, scientists and business leaders. Distance education is one of their specialties.

BCIT British Columbia Institute of Technology, Vancouver & Burnaby BC, Canada

This institute offers a wide range of technical, trade and business courses with a green perspective including part-time courses and full-time programs leading to certificates, diplomas, and applied degrees. The Sustainable Energy Management Associate Certificate is of particular note.

As issues like climate change and renewable, clean energy receive international attention, businesses and government, including the private and public sectors, are acknowledging the pressure to explore and implement more sustainable choices. Universities and technical colleges, in geographic areas such as the Pacific west coast, are creating exciting, ground-breaking programs to respond to industry needs for skilled and knowledgeable green leaders.

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