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The importance of history

Why should we study history? History lessons are boring with their endless lists of facts and dates to remember! A young man is mentioned. 

History is important because it gives us a broader perspective.

Suppose the following: if we look at the ground all the time, it is very possible that we will get lost walking down the street. If we look up and take landmarks to orient ourselves, we can be sure that we are heading in the right direction. Or imagine what happens if you look down from a high mountain.  

It is easy to choose a road from a great height. It's the same with life. If you always have a superficial perspective and only pay attention to the small details that are close to you, you will surely fall into small worries and never get ahead. Even the smallest obstacles will be insurmountable. But if you have a broad outlook on life, you will naturally find solutions to problems, be they personal, social, or that affect everyone.    

The more problems you have, the more you should read about history. By studying history, you will know the events and lives of people that will help you understand your own life. You will meet passionate revolutionaries and dastardly traitors, proud tyrants and tragic heroes. You will meet people who were looking for a peaceful life, but were forced to roam the jungle. You will feel brief moments of peace, like a sweet shadow protecting you from the scorching sun, between seemingly endless periods of war.    

If you study history, you will see many people sacrificed for what we know were absurd superstitions, as well as principled men and women who gave their lives out of love for their contemporaries. You will meet people who have gone through deep suffering to make the impossible possible. This excitement can be seen from afar or as if you are in its fog. You can see yourself on the crest of the great river of history. We will see where we came from, where we are and where we are going. Many students, unfortunately, no longer teach history without realizing I was her. It often happens that it is because of the history homework that the student simply abandons this subject. Don't do that. History is very important. If you have problems with your history homework, contact the essay assistant for help.     

To know history is to know yourself. The better we get to know ourselves, the better we get to know human nature, the more accurate our vision of history will be. From a Buddhist point of view, history is the place where human tendencies, causes and effects are recorded. This is the science of human activity, statistics of the human race.   

For example, while we cannot predict the weather with complete certainty, we can predict trends based on probability and statistics.

The human heart is also unpredictable, but history allows us to see trends and statistics that allow us to understand the future.

Therefore, the study of history is the study of humanity. History is a mirror that guides us towards building the future. 

Young people are the protagonists who will write the story of tomorrow. They need a mirror to see their faces. 

In the same way, armed with the mirror of history, they can see what they need to do in the world around them.

My mentor taught me that history is a sign that helps us to more safely move from the past to the present, from the present to the future, in order to achieve our goals of peace and harmonious coexistence of all mankind. History is a very broad subject and if you are not able to comprehend it on your own, then it is always better to seek help https://essayassistant.org/history-homework-help/


Because there is such an abundance of recorded history, one person cannot hope to assimilate it all. The main thing is to gain a solid historical perspective, an understanding of historical principles. Yes, by studying history, we can learn about the negative trends of humanity, we can be on the alert and avoid repeating our dark and destructive past. If we repeat the horrors of history, it will mean that we have not learned the lessons that it gives us. As the philosopher George Santayana said : "He who does not remember his past is doomed to repeat it."    





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