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Beware Of Fake ESAs

If you are emotionally attached to your pet dog and its presence makes you feel good and devoid of mental problems and impairment such as Depression, you can think of considering it as an ESA. All you have to do is consult a mental therapist and based on your mental state and requirement, you will be given an ESA letter so that you can accompany your pet anywhere. But beware of fake ESAs as there are reports of misuse of this facility. 



Along with the mental health details of the owner and credibility of the mental health therapist, it is also necessary to state the details of your ESA, its name, and type of animal. People are considering this option and you can see many people with their pets in public places and while traveling. But it is very important to determine whether your pet qualifies the requirements of an ESA Cat breeds or not. 

According to media reports, a NewYorker was spotted carrying a snake, a pig, and an alpaca in the streets as ESAs which shows how easy it is to trick the authorities. Now, mental health professionals are considering strict rules and criteria to approve an animal as ESA. 

Fake ESAs can become a potential threat to people if they are wild and not suitable to venture everywhere. Also, there are cases where owners are not emotionally disturbed or suffering from any disability but still get their pets recognized as ESAs which is also fake. 

Dogs as ESAs are different than service dogs as they are not specifically trained and also there is no training requirement if the owner wants an ESA letter. So it is comparatively easier for someone to trick authorities with fake ESAs. 

One reason for such illegal things is services offered by fake sources regarding ESA letters. One should be smart enough to identify such scams and stay away from them. You may ask how to identify these scams and differentiate between genuine and professional sources and fake ones out there. Well, there are many indicators of unreliable and fake services. You just have to analyze it a little more critically.

An easy option to indicate the reliability of the website is the availability of communication channels between clients and authorities. Also, it is your right to reconfirm it by looking for a free emotional support animal letter sample online. You may have experienced that some websites approve your request immediately after asking a few questions. Be cautious because it is also a sign of a scam. It shows that they have not gone through the procedure of full verification and approval from a professional certified health officer or mental health advisor. 

There are some reported incidents where ESAs inflict harm to people. According to a report, a flight attendant in American Airlines, traveling from Dallas to Greensboro got bitten by an ESA hypoallergenic dogs. He was badly injured and had five stitches during treatment. Several other incidents are also reported where ESAs attack random pedestrians. Such incidents reflect that authorities should take notice and there must be a fair scrutiny of a pet too before allowing ESA status to a pet. 

Fake ESAs are not only dangerous for other people but also affect people who have mental health issues. They may result in constriction in the rules so one must follow legal procedure for keeping his Norwegian forest cat as an ESA.

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