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ODEM® supports crowdfunding for Nanotech underwear The Element Pure label has crowdfunded Kickstarter with a "ultimate, comfortable, soft, breathable, high-quality underwear and loungewear". This could be achieved with the natural eucalyptus Nanotech fabric. This will usher in a new dimension in the textile industry of the 21st century. After all, these nanotech fabrics are more sustainable, convenient and powerful. Therefore, the eucalyptus nanotech fabric from TENCEL™ wood fibre is at the forefront of this new development, according to Element Pure. Consequently, this is achieved primarily through the use of the extremely sustainable nanotech fibre from Austria. That's why a Kickstarter backer testifies in the Huffington Post. "The World's softest underwear. Element Pure's baselayers are gentle to the skin. Accordingly, the most comfortable, comfortable fabric on the skin I have ever worn." Top Design from Europe Finally, Element Pure has worked with a leading global manufacturer of high-end European brands in its development. This makes it all the more possible to guarantee production quality and consistency. As a result, the team paid careful attention to every structural design. In other words, comfort and fit are maximized by tuning. That's why many prototypes were generated to perfect the design. The seam, thread count, sizing and https://uberant.com/article/713536-how-to-wash-white-laundry-normally/ various TENCEL ™ variations were important parameters. In addition, high-performance reinforced flat seams are used, which are an essential element in the optimization of the fit. Functional underwear In addition, Element Pure's Lyocell underwear impresses with cotton or polyester by function. Finally, the underwear made of TENCEL™ Lyocell fibers can remove more than 20x more sweat from the skin within 20 seconds. This is ensured by the millions of nanofiber channels in each fiber. Therefore, an extremely fast evaporation takes place. Odour-inhibiting for weeks On top of that, it is virtually impossible for odor-causing bacteria to survive on our nanofiber fabric made of wood fiber. This means that the fiber keeps the moisture away from microorganisms. Thus a perfect result: no bacteria, no smell. Healthy and sustainable Nor does the use of harmful chemicals. Instead, the Nanotech wood fibre TENCEL™ is hypoallergenic and biodegradable under compost conditions. In addition, the underwear from the Lyocell wood fiber requires 20x less water than cotton and produces 5x less CO2 than polyester during production.

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