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How to make embroidery starter kit?

When you are new to the sewing then there are so many things you need to get yourself familiar with. Knitting, embroidery, hand sewing and so many things are there to try every day and to be an expert. Now the point is what you must have in order to start the embroidery in the proper way. There is so many best basic sewing machine for beginners which can help you with embroidery.

For more information about the sewing machine, you can read our guides on what is thebest sewing machine for beginners that new users should buy.

Before you start embroidery and to create your own patterns, you must design your beginner kit. Start your journey with the simplest task. Let’s go through some of the things which you need to create the starter kit for embroidery.

A computerized embroidery sewing machine for beginners


You must have different kinds of threads in your kit first. At the time of doing embroidery, you may need any color to complete the design and the pattern. Adding a thread to your kit doesn’t mean that you have to use a universal thread. Embroidery threads are different than the ordinary threads we use in the sewing machine.

It’s highly recommended to use natural fiber thread for the embroidery so you can see the visible difference and finishing in your project in the end. Always use strong thread so in the middle of the project you don’t have to go through the problem of breaking the thread. Keep 6-7 colors at a time if you don’t want to invest so much.


Embroidery needles are far different than the normal needles we use in the sewing machine. Embroidery needles are long and thick. At the time of creating your own kit for the embroidery purpose then you must have needles in it. Stock 6 needles at one time so you don’t have to run for the new one if one is not working well.

The identification of embroidery needle is they have elongated eyes and sharp points. These threads are safe to use and won’t ruin the appearance of your fabric. At the time of doing embroidery with your hand, you must focus. If you are doing it with the help of sewing machine then you need to check the settings twice before starting any of your work.

Snip Scissors

When you are starting the embroidery then your focus must be on point but if due to some reasons stitches are not up to your expectation then, of course, you need to cut the stitch out. To save the fabric from ruining and to keep the work constantly smooth you need snip scissors. Snip scissor is another essential tool which must be in your kit for the embroidery purpose.

Snip scissor will cut the stitch from the fabric and then you can join the thread from the last loop. It would be better if you concentrate on each stitch and avoid snip scissor but in case of emergency or if you change your mind then to avoid any mess you must have this. The cover stitch machine can also help you with embroidery purpose. Visit Ultimate Guide To Best Coverstitch Machine Reviews For Your Best Choice to get valuable information about the cover stitch machine and which model to buy.

A cover stitch machine


Many people may think who never attempted embroidery before that how important hoop is for this kind of work? You can never ever attempt this work until you have a loop. The embroidery needle can’t work properly on the fabric which is loose and you will never get the idea as well about the designing. The hoop is like the round shape which keep the part of the fabric tight on which you want to create the design.

To get the best result and to make sure that whatever design you are trying to create is on point then add a loop in the kit. The loop is essential for the handwork embroidery but if you are doing embroidery from the machine then the loop is not important. If you are willing to learn this work then always take the start from the handwork as it can help you in learning lots of technical things.


Of course, scissors are essential in any sewing work. When you are creating a DIY embroidery kit then add at least 2 kinds of scissors. One must be small enough to cut the thread and another one of the cuttings of the fabric. It may happen that you are creating a design for the cushion then definitely later you have to cut the fabric into the square piece.

Make sure that scissor blades are sharp because if you are using a natural fiber then a messy blade can ruin the property of the thread.


Although this is not a part of the kit from our side, it’s highly recommended. Sometimes you will feel like you are out of the ideas and now you need some motivation to draw something and to create something on the fabric. Keep embroidery books on your shelves and look at them closely. From the beginner's designs to the expert design you can learn something new each day.

From the simple design to the complicated one, everything needs constant practice. If you will choose to make one simple design every day then after involving yourself completely one day you can merge all the designs together and can create your own masterpiece. Make your own embroidery catalog and let people know how cool you are with the complicated handwork thing. Once you are done with the handwork, later you can move on to the machine.

Final words

After completing the embroidery, no matter if you are sewing a cushion cover, pillow cover or a dress, make your work clean and tidy. Use good machines reviewed here which are cheap sewing machines for beginners to sew so later you can love all your work done by dedication. If you want to learn more and more every day then start with the sewing machine.

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