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Trader Life Simulator Free Download
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Trader Life Simulator Free Download invites players to embark on an entrepreneurial journey by establishing and expanding their own supermarket. Begin with an empty shop and gradually diversify your offerings, starting with grocery products and progressing to include a wide array of items such as vegetables, fruits, meat, baked goods, fashion, toys, houseware, electronics, and gaming products. Experience the freedom to tailor your shop with a selection of over 130 pieces of equipment and furniture. Manage and acquire vehicles for transporting goods, restock your inventory, decorate your shop, and consistently upgrade your business to enhance its overall appeal and functionality. Key Features: Start Your Business: Begin the game by launching and managing your supermarket from scratch. Fill Your Shelves: Progressively expand your inventory, selling diverse product types. Customize Your Shop: Personalize your supermarket with a variety of furniture and equipment, exceeding 130 options. Restock: Ensure your shop is well-stocked by managing inventory and introducing new products. Decorate: Enhance the aesthetic appeal of your supermarket with decorative elements. Upgrade Your Shop: Consistently invest in upgrading and expanding your business to attract more customers. Explore the Town: Immerse yourself in the in-game town, interacting with various shops and establishments. Full Features List: New Inventory System: Carry up to five different items, enhancing gameplay dynamics. New Quests System: Engage with interactive NPCs and embark on quests. In-Game Tablet: Access a virtual tablet with various applications to facilitate shop management and upgrades. New Vehicles: Introduce new modes of transportation to enhance business operations. Expanded Product Types: Diversify your product range, including a dedicated gaming shop. Upgrades for Shop and Business: Explore numerous upgrades to optimize your shop's efficiency. 250+ New Products: Offer a wide selection of over 250 different products in your shop. 130+ Furniture/Equipment Pieces: Customize your shop and house with an extensive collection of furniture and equipment. Customizable Shop Sign and Name: Personalize the exterior of your shop. Additional Shops: Interact with specialized shops like electronics, shoes, houseware, meat factories, farms, and bakeries. Survival Aspects: Manage hunger and cleanliness, consume products from your shop. Health System: Attend to personal well-being to avoid sickness. House Customization: Customize and expand your own residence. Day/Night Cycle: Experience a dynamic day and night cycle in the game world. Bills System: Manage financial obligations associated with running a business. Dynamic Prices System: Witness daily fluctuations in product prices. Economy System: Engage with banking services, loans, ATMs, credit cards, and more. Shop Workers: Employ and train workers to assist in shop operations. Delivery System: Implement a comprehensive delivery system for your goods. Vehicle Shop: Purchase and maintain vehicles for transporting your products. Fuel and Oil Needs: Ensure your vehicles are fueled and oiled for optimal performance. City Exploration: Interact with various shops in the city, expanding your shopping options. Extensive Shopping Choices: Purchase vehicles, food, drinks, oil, and over 350 different items from various shops.

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