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Tourney Picks


The experts are putting their heads together to handicap every NCAA Tournament game. The stars that accompany each pick represent the level of confidence in that particular pick, with 5 stars representing the highest level of confidence and 1 star representing the lowest level of confidence. In the Round of 64, the Experts went 56.3% ATS. They offered up one 5-star play on Thursday and one 5-star play on Friday, going 2-0 ATS with relative ease: Butler beat Bucknell by a dozen as a 3-point favorite on Thursday, and the final margin of Miami’s win over Pacific on Friday was more than twice the 14-point spread. They also offered up four four-star wagers (two on Thursday, two on Friday) in which they went 3-1 ATS thanks to huge wins by Saint Louis, San Diego State and Ohio State, who were favored by a combined 27 points and won by a combined 60 points!

 StatFox Dave 

StatFox Dave is one of the original four founders of StatFox and over the years has been renowned for his handicapping prowess in all sports. He tore up the conference tournaments last week, going 83% ATS (10-2) in college basketball Best Bets over the past four days, which moved him to 62% ATS (28-17) since Feb. 28.


StatFox Gary

StatFox Gary finished the 2011-12 college basketball regular season with a gaudy 68% ATS success rate (54-25) on Best Bets. He enters the NCAA Tournament red hot, posting a 75% ATS (12-4) mark over the past nine days to boost his record since Feb. 27 to 68% (23-11).


StatFox Brian

StatFox Brian has yet to suffer a losing season of Platinum Sheet Best Bets in either college football, NFL, college basketball or NBA since coming on board during the summer of 2010. Like the other members of the StatFox staff, he enters the NCAA Tournament on fire, posting a 68% ATS (23-11) mark over the past nine days.


StatFox Scott

StatFox Scott serves as Managing Editor for StatFox and Platinum Sheet. He had a 2011-12 college basketball regular season for the ages, racking up a whopping 56-23 record (71%) on Best Bets. He tore up Championship Week with a Best Bets win percentage of 61% ATS (19-12-1) over the past nine days.

Complete records for all handicappers are listed weekly in the latest Platinum Sheet.