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Updated 11/4/2014

 StatFox Dave 

StatFox Dave is one of the original four founders of StatFox and over the years has been renowned for his handicapping prowess in all sports. Dave has been red-hot recently, going 60% ATS (18-12) in his NFL Best Bets since Week 3 to improve to 55% ATS (22-18) for the season. He is also 61% ATS (68-43-1) in all of his CFB marquee grid game picks during the past seven weeks.


StatFox Brian

A featured writer on StatFox.com and for Platinum Sheet, StatFox Brian hit 60% in NFL Best Bets for the second straight year in 2013 with a 60% ATS mark (41-27). He also had an insane 69% ATS record (76-34) in CBB Best Bets. Brian is starting to heat up with a 56% ATS (14-11) record in NFL Best Bets since Week 3, and he also has a robust 70% (19-8) success rate in NFL Totals for the 2014 season.


StatFox Scott

StatFox Scott serves as Managing Editor for StatFox, Platinum Sheet and the Edge Football Preview Guide, and known for strong finishes. Last year, he was 59% ATS (33-23) in NFL Best Bets after Week 3, and was 56% (40-31) for NFL Totals. He then went 64% ATS (25-14) in CBB Best Bets after Feb. 14. Since Week 3, Scott is 62% ATS (63-39) in all NFL picks and 71% ATS (20-8) in Best Bets.


StatFox Gary

StatFox Gary joined the StatFox and the Platinum Sheet staff prior to the 2010 football season, where he posted a 55% success rate on NFL Best Bets in his “rookie” season. Gary remained profitable in 2013 with a 67% ATS (16-8) success rate in NFL Best Bets after Week 9, and 57% ATS in CBB Best Bets. This season, Gary is 58% ATS (50-36) in NFL picks since Week 4.

Complete records for all handicappers are listed weekly in the latest Platinum Sheet.